All products were developed by TeaLogic, Ela B. Design in Bremen and manufactured exclusively for us. Our Bone China, porcelain, and glass products come mainly from small factories and are made by hand. The distinctive line of TeaLogic is consistently continued this year. Our entire program is dishwasher safe, unless otherwise indicated. Our glass products are mouth-blown.

TeaLogic - Stainless steel filter

All TeaLogic stainless steel filters are being made from chrome-nickelsteel 18/10 and are thus absolutely rust free. Furthermore stainless steel is aroma safe, which is very important when making tea. Our filters are easy to clean as well as dishwasher safe. Our filters are worked sturdy and possess the ideal mesh. Thus they can be used to infuse any tea sort. Our assortment offers the ideal filter for any mug or teapot. Test us!

TeaLogic - Glass

Our TeaLogic glass products come from the province of Kang Seo in China. In this area the glassblowers craft has been practiced for hundreds of years. The special techniques are passed on within the producing families from generation to generation . The TeaLogic glass items are made by experienced glassblowers and are not machine made. Minor variation in shape can occur and make each piece a unique object, they cannot be excluded in this traditional craft.


TeaLogic - Manufacturing

1. Mould making

Plaster moulds are being formed.

2. Casting


The porcelain paste (Slip) is filled into the plaster mould.

3. Opening the mould


The mould is opened and the finished item is removed.

4. Handle fitting

The separate casted handle is being glued onto the body with extra porcelain paste.

5. First Firing

The first firing is at a temperature of 1280 degrees Celsius.

6. Grinding


The goods are being inspected, imperfections are being ground off withthe help of a sanding belt.

7. Glazing


The glazing is applied by hand or with a spray gun.

8. Second Firing

Once the glazing has dried the goods are being fired once again at 1150 degrees Celsius.

9. Decoration

The design is being printed as a so called decal and applied to for example the cup.

10. Decoration Firing

Once the decal has being applied, the goods are fired a third time at 800 degrees Celsius.