Your questions and our answers

Are TeaLogic items dishwasher safe?

All of our Bone China and porcelain as well as our stainless steel filters items
can be cleaned in the normal household dishwasher. Also our glassware can be cleaned in the dishwasher without problem. However for our decorated glassware we do recommend washing by hand.

Is it possible to order with TeaLogic as a private person?
Being a wholesale company we do supply only the specialist shops. However you can contact us. We will certainly help you to find a qualified shop nearby.

Is it possible to order TeaLogic items with a special logo?
This is principally possible however certain quantities are required. Please ask us – we are happy to assist you.

Is it possible to order spare parts for TeaLogic items?
As a special service we can offer many spare parts. Please ask us, we will be happy to checkthe availability. Private persons should contact their specialty shop.

What is the difference between porcelain and Fine Bone China?
Like any quality porcelain also our TeaLogic porcelain is made from kaolin(China clay), quartz and feldspar.
According to an in England developed recipe bone ash is added to the other components. The result is a particularly high-quality and noble material that impresses by its transparency and extremely pleasant touch. Anyone who has used a bone china cup will never want to use anything else ever again.

What is so special about TeaLogic glassware?

Our TeaLogic glass products come from the province of Kang Seo in China.
In this area the glassblowers craft has been practiced for hundreds of years.
The special techniques are passed on within the producing families from
generation to generation.
The TeaLogic glass items are made by experienced glassblowers and are not machine made. Minor variation in shape can occur and make each piece a unique object, they cannot be excluded in this traditional craft.